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In the world of jewelry, each piece contains varying amounts of metal (gold) content. Common terms that one may come across include solid gold, gold plated and gold filled. It is imperative that you know how to distinguish between each type of gold. This way, you can better assess the value of your jewelry. In this FAQ, we will focus on the term gold filled.

Understanding the Construction of Gold Filled Jewelry

Although rolled gold and gold filled jewelry undergo similar construction processes, the former typically features a higher gold content. Here's a quick look at how these metals are constructed: First, a piece of base metal is prepared. It can be anything from silver to brass to steel. Next, a thick sheet of solid gold is rolled on top of it. The gold and base metal are then fused together via heat. These sheets of gold will then be used to make jewelry.

Gold Filled Vs. Gold Plated

Electroplating is widely used for gold plating jewelry. Compared to gold filled jewelry, electroplating gold entails a more complex process. A microscopic layer of gold needs to be adhered to a base metal via an electric current. Positively charged gold ions from that current will be adhered to the base metal's negatively charged ions. Unlike gold filled jewelry, which is thicker, it is easier to rub off the thin gold layer of gold plated jewelry.

Gold Filled Vs. Rolled Gold

The gold content in gold filled jewelry must exceed or be equal to 5 percent. 1/20 14KGF is the hallmark that states your piece contains 5 percent gold. Rolled gold, on the other hand, is utilized interchangeably with the term of gold filled when it comes to antique jewelry. It is important to note that rolled gold jewelry contains less than 5 percent gold content. That's the difference.


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