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Whether you are looking for the perfect gold ring or shopping for gold sign standoffs, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of what exactly you are purchasing. In this FAQ section, we will explain what gold plated means.

The Basics of Gold Plated

Gold plating is a method designed to cover another type of metal with super thin films of pure gold. The most common method is electroplating; approximately 0.5 - 6 microns of gold can be found on plated jewelry pieces. Compared to solid gold pieces, the gold finish on plated jewelry does not last. It may take a few days for the gold to tarnish, fade, and chip. One may even remove the gold layer with one or two finger swipes.

Oftentimes, the gold on gold plated pieces is so little that it is immeasurable. Hence, such pieces of jewelry are virtually worthless.

What About Higher Quality Gold Plated Jewelry?

Yes, there are still various types of gold plated jewelry that aren't considered uncollectible and junk. Quite a number of modern and vintage gold plated jewelry on the market are a pleasure to wear and still very desirable. Some of the common marks one may come across include Gold Over Sterling Silver, 14K HGE, 10 Microns, and more.

If you are planning to get hold of extra cash by selling your gold jewelry, Global Gold and Silver can help. Our team can help you determine the real worth of your piece and make a fair offer for it.


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