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Gold is worth a lot of money. Since its inception as a unique commodity, it is now worth more than ever. If you are selling precious metals like gold, you need to keep in mind that not all buyers are created equal. You need to stay alert and avoid wheeler-dealers. So, what is the best way to sell your gold jewelry?

Sell at the Right Time

If more people invest in a certain commodity, the price of that commodity will increase. Supply and demand, as well as the state of the economy, affect the price of gold. If you notice that these factors are tanking, you should hold out for gold prices to rise.

Get an Appraisal

The weight of your gold jewelry and its hallmarks are important. They determine how much your items might be worth. It is imperative that you get an accurate valuation from reputable gold jewelry buyers.

Know the True Value of Your Gold Jewelry Before You Sell It

The maximum karat reading of gold is 24. If the karat readings are lower, it indicates the presence of other metals such as nickel, copper, and zinc. So, if you are selling your gold, ensure that you calculate its gold purity percentage. If it is high, you might be able to demand a better price for your jewelry.

Find a Reputable Buyer

This is the most important step of all. All those calculations will mean nothing if you are dealing with an unreliable jewelry buyer. At Global Gold & Silver, we are a reputable and trusted gold jewelry buyer in the Tri-State area. Our company is comprised of GIA-certified gemologists and well-trained jewelry experts. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that our buying process is always fair, honest, and educational.

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