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One of the most important decisions you will make when selling jewelry is to choose which pieces you are willing to part ways with. Making the right choice at the right time can be a make or break decision. Here are a few jewelry items you can consider selling.

Silver Jewelry

Most precious metals should be ignored due to the potential high cost and the experience needed to correctly recognize its caliber. This is not the case with silver jewelry. It is relatively cheaper than gold, and you can get good retail prices.


Watches are also considered as a jewelry item. Not only is it a fashion accessory these days, but also a jewelry item, e.g. a bracelet. Generally, ladies' watches outperform children’s and men’s by a great margin.

Gold Jewelry

Gold generally has a lot of buyers in the market. The commercial buyers get this metal with the intention of melting it down or selling it to a refinery. In such cases, gold value can be estimated by multiplying pure gold weight by the current metal price per unit of weight.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is sold on the basis of craftsmanship and the characteristics of diamonds, such as weight, clarity, color, and cut. In most cases, you will get less than the retail price in the market, because professional buyers are not able to cover the different layers of commercial markup.

If you don’t have documents (e.g. certification) to back your diamonds up, it’s a good idea to have them appraised at Global Gold and Silver!


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