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Want to sell your diamond jewelry? Chances are you have asked yourself who will give you the best price for your jewelry and who is willing to buy them in the first place. Today, there is no shortage of diamond jewelry buyers. The hard part is finding a buyer who is reputable, honest, and offers a good price for your valuables.

A: Global Gold and Silver – Safe, Easy, and Fast

Global Gold and Silver is an expert diamond jewelry buyer. We can provide our valued clients with a fair price for your diamond jewelry in no time. Our team is comprised of gemologists who have graduated from the Gemological Institute of America. We value honesty and do not charge hidden fees. Other buyers are known to deduct their commission from the sum that was offered. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that you have an A+ rating from the BBB.

When you send your valuables to us to sell or get it appraised, we take tremendous care to protect them. Although it is unlikely that anything will happen to it during shipment or while it's in our possession, we will compensate you should something happen.

B: Private Buyers / Auction Houses / Pawnshops – Many Challenges Ahead

You can easily connect with private diamond jewelry buyers through the Internet. However, most of these individuals are only willing to buy if you possess experience with selling high-value items. When it comes to auction houses, this option often has a long waiting time. If there is no auction, your diamond jewelry can't be sold. Pawnshops will pay you on the spot for your jewelry. However, these shops do not employ gemologists. As they cannot accurately value your diamond jewelry, you will most likely get an unsatisfactory offer.

Whether you are looking to sell your estate diamonds or diamond bracelets, we have got your back.


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