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Selling your broken jewelry allows you to get quick cash. A lot of people have done it, especially when they own gold items that are broken.

What Types of Broken Jewelry are Sellable?

In most cases, jewelers prefer silver and gold. This means that you can fetch a higher price if your broken jewelry contains purer forms of gold or silver. Common examples include:

Timing Matters

Now that you know that broken jewelry can be sold for money. You should keep in mind that the value of gold and silver tend to fluctuate according varying degrees. They are just like other investments. It is recommended that you consult a professional jewelry buyer to know much your jewelry is worth. After getting a quote, it is time to learn how to sell your broken jewelry and get the most cash out of it.

How to Sell

When you start gathering up your broken silver or gold jewelry, you need to find out how many karats there are in each piece. Most jeweler’s scales utilize Troy ounces to determine weight, e.g. 31.1 grams per ounce. At Global Gold & Silver, we will weigh your valuables for you and give you the best possible price for them. If the piece was made by a well-known designer, chances are you can get a better price as well.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Remember, the condition of your broken jewelry does not matter. You are often paid based on the amount of gold or silver the piece has. In some cases, jewelry repairs can be expensive. It might be better if you sell the broken jewelry and buy a new one. Lastly, you cannot expect to get rich from selling broken jewelry. Instead, it might be a viable option when you need some money to get yourself out of a bind. 


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