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Silver is a timeless and classic piece of soft metal that has been adored since the beginning of time. The sleek and shiny element has also been used in a wide variety of utensils, coins, jewelry, and more. Unfortunately, almost everything these days can be faked. That's why you need to know how to spot real silver if you are buying jewelry.

Conduct an Acid Test

One can perform acid tests to determine if the silver is real or not. This test can be done either at home or at a jewelry store. If the acid changes color, there's a high probability that you are dealing with fake silver. If not, you have landed on a true silver piece!

Check for Signs of Tarnish

Real sterling silver can tarnish but don't worry; real silver can be polished back to its original condition; beaming with a sleek color. Fake silver, on the other hand, will lose its silver polished surface over time and reveal ugly pretend metals hiding beneath that surface.

.925 Imprint

.925 stamps are imprinted on jewelry to indicate the authenticity of the piece. In most cases, these stamps are small in size and placed in discreet places. Try checking the inside of your silver ring or silver bracelet. If you see a tiny .925 stamp, it's good news!

Let Global Gold and Silver Help

At Global Gold and Silver, our jewelry experts can distinguish real silver from fake ones with ease. We can also inform you what the piece is worth.


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