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Oct 11, 2012 10:29 am

It is strange to think about how gold can be used.  From creating edible treasures to making household items more valuable than they could be, gold can be molded into interesting pieces.  What do you think is the strangest gold item?  Here is what we think:

1.      iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes

It’s painted in gold and is adorning rare diamonds, with a price tag of $3.15 million. This is beautiful, but Apple updates their phones every year or so and this one is already outdated.

2.      GoVacuum’s GV62711 vacuum cleaner

Every component of this vacuum except for the motor, wheels, and bag, are encased in 24k gold.  Referred to as “the world’s most expensive vacuum”, it has a 10 amp motor, anti-marring wheels, and an outer bag for disposable HEPA bags.  You would think it would be overweight, but it only weighs 16 pounds and is considered to be light.  If you’re interested in buying one, GoVacuum is only producing 100 of these gold-plated vacuums.


3.      Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

This 24k gold-plated Mercedes Benz has a price of $500,000.  It would fit in nowhere except Dubai, where its owner takes residence.  It has a top speed of 155 mph but with 600 extra pounds of gold, its performance is cut.  How would this look in your driveway?


4.   Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition

Aurumania specializes in producing products plated in 24k gold in this case, track or fixed gear bikes.  This edition has over 600 crystallized Swarvoski elements, a Brooks brown leather seat and matching brown leather grips on the drop bar.  It is also hand built and delivered.  This piece might look better on a wall with a price of $114,464, making it the world’s most expensive bicycle.

5.       GnG “Golden Delicous” iPhone case

This case is made out of 140 grams of 18k gold filled with about 200 diamonds and a logo that is alone encrusted with 400 diamonds.  With a price of $101,744, it can be considered a steal to some.

6.      Luxury Edition and Gallery Gold-Plated Sink with Diamonds

Are you looking into remodeling your bathroom? Why not include Luxury Edition and Gallery’s 24k gold-plated sink with diamond accents? This sink has an aluminum casting and carries a bill of $80,000 and is sure to make a dent in anyone’s budget.

7.      Gillian McKeith Gold-Plated Juicer

Sometimes luxury items are ridiculous and you cannot find words to   describe it.  Gillian McKeith’s gold-plated juicer is a great example.  This juicer from EasyHealth has twin gears to make it easier to juice and removes 95% of pesticide elements from fruits and veggies.  It sells for $3,000 and can make anyone’s kitchen luxurious.

These gold pieces show how creative and sometimes impractical we can be.  Tell us what you found to be the most out-there or interesting gold items!



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