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Feb 22, 2012 5:37 am

Humans are intrinsically interested in the shiny veneer of  gold. Whether in bricks, nuggets or well designed and wearable jewelry, there is a part of our psyche that sees the sparkly element as implicitly valuable. As humans we get to define how valuable things are and for one reason or another, be it scarcity, usefulness or something far more primal, we humans are passionate about gold.

Gold buyers NYC are a great way to take the temperature of mankind when it comes to our collective love affair with gold. You see a sense that gold is not only a driver economically but also a driver of people's passion. There is no other explanation for the folks who have excess jewelry that they are looking to sell. People do not just end up having gold, or if they do it is as a result of someone else's gold passion.

Selling gold in NYC is usually not the result of someone souring on the beaming pride they get from gold in general. It is usually more of practical concerns getting in the way of their passionate interest in gold. Cultivating a collection of gold is not only about buying, sometimes it is about selling. Those who understand gold beyond their passion know this.


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