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Mar 13, 2012 5:17 am

I often find myself in the company of my father watching episodes of PBS's Antiques Roadshow. I am not a huge fan of the show as the temporal nature of ownership tends to make me value things a little differently. Still it is often impressive to me when people get rich off of old wooden chairs and ratty looking children's toys.

Whenever someone brings on a piece of gold or silver jewelry, or really any item with silver, gold or another precious metal, I am quite curious as to how things will turn out. It seems that half the time the item is worth a heap of money. A certain designer is responsible for it or it has some sort of historical context.

Then there are those other times when someone shows up with a "priceless" necklace or broach from great-grandma's old jewelry box. It seems to be a heavy silver or gold but the person inevitably thinks the priceless value is in it's history or it's make-up. When it is appraised it turns out it is worth only whatever the weight of materials used to make it.

Lucky for these people there is a great market for selling gold in NYC to consider. NYC gold buyers are not precious about who made it they just want that gold.


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