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Mar 6, 2012 4:06 am

Now is a great time to stock up on gold and silver coins from the United States Mint. These coins are currently going down in price and sales, and as a result the collectors might be wise to jump on the dipped prices. These people who buy and sell gold in NYC know a thing or two about buying when prices are low and holding out for a better market to make a bunch of money when prices hit their highs again.

Selling and buying gold in New York can be an incredibly lucrative business to get involved in. This is the sort of thing that does not stop being lucrative or worthwhile just because prices go up and down. These coins that the United States' Mint makes are a great example of an item that has a great resell value and that resell value often climbs as time marches on.

So when you see prices in the market going up and down for silver and gold do not take that as a tell-all sign that the market is in trouble. These ebbs and flows are just a part of the business and offer a fantastic opportunity for a wide array of people to get in on the market when things are selling low.


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