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Jul 26, 2011 7:47 am

Out of all the scenes from the hit movie Titanic, I think the one that sticks out in people's minds the most is when old Rose Dawson "accidentally" drops a gorgeous diamond necklace into the ocean. Everyone in that movie theater went a little crazy after that scene. Rose had a stunning, and gigantic, blue diamond necklace (which was supposed to resemble the Hope Diamond) given to her on that fatal night by her fiancee.

Everyone assumed the diamond was lost at sea, buried with the ship. However, we realize the necklace was safely tucked into her coat pocket and someone stayed in there despite running through a collapsing ship and nearly drowning. I can't even begin to fathom on how that diamond would have been worth. Even if Rose didn't care about the money, she could have given it to her children and grandchildren! I'm sure they wouldn't have minded a few million dollars in their bank accounts.

Rose, I don't understand your mentality. Maybe you were traumatized by the whole ordeal but you don't throw away perfectly good diamonds. If you don't keep them, sell them. You can sell diamonds for cash and make a fortune. Don't do as Rose does! Sell diamonds instead.



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