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Nov 9, 2011 10:49 am

Evaluating the value of gold jewelry is not always a clear issue of the weight of the gold it's self. Designer watches can turn into high end collector's items, as can certain historically significant items that you might dig out of the attic. Figuring out the value of your items can take you to many places the final of which should likely be some sort of gold buyers NYC. Utilizing an auction house to help evaluate some items that might be higher in prestige than they are in actual gold content is a great idea. Even as gold prices reach unprecedented heights it is best to not rush into these things.

Still many of those items that look like they came straight out of the Antiques Roadshow may turn out to be duds barely worth the gold they are made with. Those are the perfect items to take down to get some cold hard cash. When you sell gold in NYC you are sure to get an honest price. These things are easily monitored and so when you go in you should already have some idea about the weight and current gold prices. As a result you might end up taking home a really decent chunk of change for things that had, it turns out, just been taking up space.


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