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Mar 27, 2010 5:56 am

If you are hoping to unload some gold but can not make it to the New York gold buyers yourself that is okay. Global Gold and Silver, one of the best gold buying operations in the area, has a policy in place so that people can use FedEx to send their gold and jewelry in for an accurate appraisal and eventually a check in the mail.

This policy is a great asset to anyone who is looking to sell gold in New York but might be home bound for one reason or another. It is also a great and convenient way of simply handling the problem of getting rid of the gold cluttering your home while getting the wealth of other things you surely have on your plate done. Using Global Gold and Silver's mail based program is as simple as going to their website and filling out some basic information to receive a Free Jewelry Return Kit.

On top of all of that, you have the option of contacting the folks at Global Gold and Silver for insurance on your valuables as they go out. You also a have a ten day period to ensure that you are in fact content with what you have been offered.

It's safe and simple!


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