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Sep 2, 2011 4:34 am

While doing some of my weekly research on the gold market I discovered, or was reminded of something that since becoming enthused about the idea of NYC gold refiners. It would seem some of us, even if we have never thought about nor realized it, have gold in our homes totally untapped.

Anyone who has ever owned a computer or any number of other electronic devices has at least some gold in their homes. True the pieces of the precious metal used as conductive connectors in these devices(thanks to their easy conductivity and general durability) are not a large amount. But, if you have collected a variety of scrappable computers, calculators, mp3 players and any number of other electronic devices you might be able to get some weight of gold to take to your local gold buyer.

We do not generally think of the gold which takes on functional uses in so many day to day items as being of any value but when added up we can definitely scrap a reasonable pay off from these devices. These devices also from time to time include silver, also a valuable commodity when weighed together. If you have a few computers and other devices collecting dust around the house maybe now is the time to crack them open and get some cash.


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