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Jan 31, 2012 8:50 am

Last week we spent some time giving advice to first timers selling gold NYC. We wanted to make sure that folks did their research and ended up at an accredited and professional place that served your needs and put you at ease. Of course those same first timers likely are not exactly sure what to expect when they attempt to sell their gold. This week I've decided to let you in on some things anyone utilizing the services of NYC gold buyers should expect.

First and foremost, you should expect private one on one service with a courteous professional. You are selling valuables which may or may not have some special significance to you; the least anyone can do is give you focused, individualized attention. To this end a professional establishment should ask you for a valid I.D. If they are not asking you should not be utilizing their services.

The process for going through your items should be handled carefully. Each item should be looked over and weighed individually. Throughout this process it is important you remember that just because they are working with you does not obligate you to sell to this particular buyer.

Next week we'll have some more advice for first timers selling gold NYC.


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