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May 1, 2014 2:59 am

     Happy birthday to you and to your loved ones! Every diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but so should be your birthstone! Birthstones always hold a deeper meaning than just having a gem name. Birthstones are cherished for their folklore and the beliefs that bring happiness, love, good health and so much more. Also, some of these gemstones are known to be a favored gift for wedding anniversaries! So… to all the love birds, happy anniversary! Presenting someone with a gift of their birthstone and anniversary gem will surely make a gift to always remember.

January birthstone

Garnet : Best known for its shades of red, but it is also found in hues of pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, and brown. It is the suggested gift for the 2nd wedding anniversary, historically signified faith, friendship, loyalty, and truthfulness. It is also believed to calm anxiety, cheer the heart, encourage guidance and inspire creativity. Garnet illuminates the bright disposition of those who wear it!

February birthstone

Amethyst: Revered by ancient Greeks as a talisman, amethyst was thought to entice the highest, purest aspiration of human kind when worn. It was also believed to inspire courage, calm and contemplation. It is a favored gift for the 1st and 6th wedding anniversary historically symbolizing sincerity and sacred love; known as the gem of optimism and good fortune, Amethyst reveals the positive vibration surrounding those who wear it.

March birthstone

Aquamarine: Derived from the Latin word, “aqua marina” meaning seawater, aquamarine is known as the gem of the sea. It was believed to keep sailors safe and guard against storms, as well as bring hope, health, harmony, and happiness. It is a recognized gift for the 18th anniversary, believed to reawaken love, kindle friendship, and elevate spirit. Aquamarine glints the fresh, young-at-heart qualities of those who wear it!

April birthstone

Diamond: Derived from the Latin word, “diamas,” meaning the unconquerable, the diamond has maintained its position throughout history as a perfect icon of love and marriage. Although colorless is the most common, diamond actually comes in a variety of colorful hues including yellow, pink, blue, green, brown and even black! Diamond is a favored gift for the 10th and 60th anniversary symbolizing lasting love and friendship. Diamond was to inspire loyalty, rouse romance, and encourage joyful life.

May birthstone

Emerald: Emeralds are prized for its rich vivid green color that traces back to the ancient pharaohs of Egypt. Emerald boasts a long history as a jewel fit for kings and queens. Known to be a talisman of good fortune, it is believed to bring health and wealth to its owners. Emeralds are the chosen gift for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary- symbolizing devotion, contentment and undying love. Traditionally has been though to protect and renew relationships. In fact, emerald is a popular gem choice for brides who want to express their individuality. Take a cue from Jackie Kennedy who received an emerald ring from John F. Kennedy; a calming influence that clarifies insights. Emerald enlightens the aura of those who wear it.

June birthstone

Alexandrite: This stone was named after Alexander II, Czar of Russia, and the gem was discovered on his birthday in early 1830’s. Because of this, alexandrite was considered a stroke of luck and worn as an amulet of good fortune. It is also recognized gift for the 55th anniversary.

Moonstone: Believed to capture moonbeams that reaches earth; moonstone is considered a good luck gem, especially for lovers. A gift of moonstone is said to arouse love and passion, credited with calming nerves, strengthening resolve and guarding against recklessness.

Pearl: Pearls was believed to possess mystical and healing powers. Roman women slept with them under the pillows to sweeten dreams. Ancient Asian cultures used pearls in medicinal ways. Early Hindus revered them as a symbol of purity in marriage. Pearl is also recognized gift for 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary!

July birthstone

Ruby: Believed to burn with an inextinguishable internal fire, ruby has historically signified great passion. This fiery gemstone- the color of the heart- has always been associated with deep love. Also the color of blood, ruby signified great courage. It has been a recognized as the traditional gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary, believed to attract and maintain love. Popular gemstone choice for brides who want to express their individuality.

August birthstone

Peridot: Prized by the ancient Egyptian as the gemstone of the sun, and has been credited with a host of healing properties and magical powers. A guard against the evil eye, Peridot was thought to sweeten dreams and reveal insights. It’s recognized as the preferred gift for the 16th wedding anniversary. Many believed to bring happiness, attract love, and foster friendship. The gem of bliss and good fortune; Peridot illuminates the sunny disposition of those who wear it.

September birthstone

Sapphire: next to diamond, sapphire is the second hardest gemstone, ideal for all types of jewelry, especially rings. It is the preferred gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary, historically symbolizing truth and promise keeping. It is one of the popular gemstone choices for brides who want something other than a tradition diamond. Sapphire was also believed to inspire peace, joy, wisdom, and prosperity as well as good health and well-being. The gem of sincerity, sapphire illuminates the true inner beauty of those who wear it.

October birthstone

Tourmaline: Probably and perhaps the most diverse gemstone available. Tourmaline possesses a dazzling array of colors. There are bi-color and tri-colored tourmaline where two or more colors appear by side in the same gemstone. Tourmaline is also the chosen gift for the 8th wedding anniversary. Gemstone of enlightenment and resolution. It is believed to foster compassion, composure, and reflection. Tourmaline reveals the most captivating characteristics of those who wear it.

November birthstone

Citrine: one of the most popular and affordable gemstones of all in the earth. Generally, an intense orange color are most valuable. Revered as a gift of the sun by the ancients, citrine was believed to inspire optimism and good spirit. This quartz-family gem is a symbol of warmth and affection; recommended gift for the 13th wedding anniversary, signified fidelity and bliss. The gemstone of joy and contentment, and citrine illuminates the sunny disposition of those who wear it.

Topaz: The name Topaz derives from the ancient Sanskrit word “topas,” meaning fire. Topaz was thought to fuel matters of the heart, inspire courage, increase intuition and sharpen wit. It is recognized as the gift for the 23rd wedding anniversary, symbolizing love, truth and devotion. Topaz was to believe to sweeten dreams and disposition. It is also the gemstone of friendship, reveals gracious and charismatic qualities of those who wear it.

December birthstone

Tanzanite: It was named and promoted by Tiffany; tanzanite rapidly won the public’s heart. Recognized gift for the 24th wedding anniversary and also the birth of a child- inspired by the native Maasai tradition of wearing blue beads and fabric for healthy and positive new life.

Turquoise: Discovered by ancient Egyptians, widely used in treasure fit for pharaohs. Old European credited turquoise with helping achieve a higher state of consciousness. Tibetans revered the gemstone as a talisman of good fortune.

Zircon: Prized as a talisman since medieval times, zircon was believed to clarify the mind, improve confidence, and inspire the spirit. Among its many attributes, zircon was though to bring wisdom, wealth and protection to those who wear it!


source & credit to:  AGTA



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