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Feb 28, 2012 10:32 am

Once again the bouncing up and down of gold and the dollar is in gold's favor. The seemingly perpetual shifting in gold and other commodities prices against the dollar is a perpetual mystery. Certainly there are many people who posit their predictions of where each of these things will land next but it is hardly an exact science.

The shift back in gold's favor will likely assuage some of the fears of gold buyers in nyc not to mention people hoping to sell gold nyc. Of course for most of the people working in that field on a regular basis things already seem pretty sound. In fact, gold sellers and buyers have a fairly resolute confidence in their decisions to invest in gold because time has always been rather kind to such investments. It isn't that there is no uncertainty but given the other investment opportunities in the world it has always seemed far more sound and reliable.

These days people have lost money in stocks and housing, things financial advisers still to this day consider integral parts of a well rounded financial portfolio. Gold buyers and even many gold sellers on the other hand have remained fairly comfortable even with all of the turmoil.


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