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Sep 13, 2011 7:18 am

Everyone seems to be hopping on the gold train these days since the demand for gold has gone up. Everywhere you turn, there are stores with large signs demanding you to sell your gold. I can't go one day without seeing a commercial on television for a local jeweler saying I'll get top dollar for my gold jewelry. But what about diamonds? Have they lost their value? Is selling gold a better investment.

Gold and diamonds are about equal on the sound investment scale. Both will fluctuate in worth depending on customer demand, industry politics, global events, etc. Gold and diamonds will always be worth something. But while gold is enjoying its surge now, we know it won't last forever. Either way, you're not going to lose out. I can't imagine that either gold or diamonds would one day become worthless.

Whether you own gold, silver, or diamonds, Global Gold & Silver is looking to buy it all and put cash in your pocket. You can easily sell diamond jewelry --including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. You may walk away empty handed but your wallet won't! Gather up your jewelry that you no longer want and see how great it is to sell diamonds for cash.


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