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Sep 28, 2011 7:17 am

It's getting close to your wedding day and you can't wait to walk down the aisle. But you also have plenty of other things to plan, like your bachelorette party. You may be stumped about how to theme it, but since gold parties are so popular lately, it may be a great idea to combine the two! Having your bridesmaids bring their old jewelry to a party to sell can be a really fun activity for all and also can give them the cash to maybe buy new jewelry for the wedding, or a evening bag or anything else they need.

All bachlorette parties have games attached to them, so it'd be fun to create games and goody bags revolving around the theme.  Maybe play a game of tossing gold coin chocolates into a treasure chest, or pin the gold tail on the donkey? Try to get creative with it and bring everything together into one theme.

The girls will have a ton of fun and the money you make off your old jewelry can go to buying things you still need for the wedding. Use it to pay for the invitations! Either way, a gold party will be lots of fun for you and your friends.


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