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Nov 8, 2013 2:00 pm

That old junk silver coins from pre-1965 could be worth selling!

If you want to sell silver coins in New York or New Jersey you can bring them in for a free evaluation.  Its easy to sell junk silver coins when dealing with Global gold and silver, our silver coin buyers are paying some of the highest prices in years.

sell junk silver coinsHow to sell silver coins

Have you been asking how or where to “sell my silver coins”, our certified silver coin buyers will evaluate all your junk silver coins for their melt value as well as numismatic value, all but guaranteeing the highest possible payout.

Sell Junk Silver Coins

Pre 1965 silver coins also known as junk silver are 90% pure, When you combine that with the fact that silver prices of never been higher – it adds up. We are the perfect place to sell silver dimes, sell silver quarters, and half dollars, bring a silver coin collection, proof sets and any old Morgan dollars you want to sell for a free evaluation at our New York or New Jersey location.

Sell Silver Coins – and Get Cash!

It’s easy to sell gold and silver coins at our New York and New Jersey locations. No appointment necessary but is recommended for large silver roll sets or silver junk coin collections. Our coin buyers have been paying the highest prices in years, bring yours for a free evaluation.

If you’re wondering how selling silver quarters works, it’s simple. We weigh and pay with some exceptions for rare coins with mint marks and years of interest. Our silver coins payouts are calculated by using the days market price for silver – the London PM Fix price. Speak to our coin dealers today about selling your silver coins for the best prices in years.

We are interested in silver roll’s as well as silver coin collection you may be thinking of selling. We also purchase silver proof sets, US Mint sets, foreign silver coins and peace dollars.

There are many places you can sell junk silver coins but unlike the our competitors we focus on providing real accurate appraisals with the highest possible cash when you want to sell junk silver coins. We will take the time to go through your coins and make an educated offer. If you decide to sell your silver coins to us we will pay you on the spot in cash unless you prefer a check – bank wire is also available.

We have been one of the best places to sell silver coins since 2008. Experience for yourself the difference in value when dealing with a reputable silver coin dealer. Call today for more information on selling your silver coins.


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