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Apr 23, 2013 1:00 pm

Have you been asking yourself "Where to Sell My Rolex", many of our customers have and here is what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Sell My Rolex in NYCThere is something about a Rolex, that name has been around since 1908 with the first truly waterproof watch known as the Rolex Oyster debuting in 1926. Since then Rolex has produced over 25 models including the Submariner, Datejust and Yacht-Master to name a few.

With such a rich history the Rolex brand has a very large market for preowned watches so if your thinking how to "sell my Rolex" for cash you can feel confident that there is a watch buyer out there ready to hand you a pile of cash!

Now the hard part, should you sell Rolex on eBay, your friends Rolex dealer in NYC or a corner jewelry store with a "we buy" sign in the window?

First start with trust, search the Better Business Bureau for an accredited Rolex watch buyers in order to avoid any unscrupulous business's. If you have the box and papers make sure to bring it with you - it adds to the resale value and helps authenticate your Rolex.

Not all Rolex watch buyers are the same! Some jewelry stores will buy it for their own inventory while others have a network of other watch buyers to deal with and the worst may pay you for the gold content only. It's important to find a place to sell your Rolex that knows how to properly appraise your watch for its highest worth, and make you a competitive offer based on real world market resale value.

At Global Gold & Silver  we often hear people asking "can i sell my Rolex to you" and the answer is YES! We have expert watch appraisers on staff and we hope you consider us when you decide to sell a Rolex for cash.


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