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Aug 10, 2011 1:45 am

When I think of gold, I think of a lot of great fictional character revolving around the substance. One that always stands out to me is Goldfinger, from the James Bond movie of the same name.

Goldfinger was kind of a silly guy, when you think about it. He had all this gold in his possession, and while his means of obtaining it may have been iffy, he would've been just fine if it weren't for getting a little greedier and wanting to attack Fort Knox. It's those kind of mastermind plans that get James Bond's attention. But if he kept things on the down low, he could've just thrown a gold party, sold the gold he had, kept the cash and flew off to Venice or Fiji or somewhere else cool.

I'm not saying you should be an evil villain and do the same (unless you want a British agent on your tail), but you need to make smarter decisions than Goldfinger did. If you've got gold lying around, why not host a gold party and sell it for cash? It's not doing you any good in the state it's in. And then maybe you can take that money and go wherever you'd like! Just don't use it to try to break into Fort Knox.


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