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Jul 21, 2011 7:28 am

Gringotts Bank was just broken into by Harry Potter and his friends and even with an obscene amount of precious metals, such as enchanted gold, they did not take any with them in their quest to save the world. You would think that something like that would have to be worth something. It would probably be desired by half of the Wizarding World. All of the magical gold buyers in London would be appraising it in wonder.

Sadly, this is just fiction. But it does really make you wonder. For all you know you could be in possession of forgotten treasures that have much more worth than you could ever imagine. It may not be magic, but it doesn't mean it doesn't have some intrinsic value. It's a waste leaving it locked away in the dark when it could go to a much greater use. Here on the other hemisphere of the world, NYC gold buyers would love to help you out in that department. They're the experts at appraising lost treasures, be it jewelry, or something entirely different. They could give you an estimate based on its value in the market and maybe, just maybe you can be selling gold NYC would die to have.


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