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Jul 22, 2011 5:10 am

Wearing gold may have just lost it's luster. In hip-hop culture wearing flashy jewelry has seemingly always been the rage. Appropriately hip-hop fans have regularly embraced the "flossing" life style by wearing as much jewelry as they could on their less than "A Mili" life style. But now for the first time maybe ever it would seem that the culture is moving away from the flash and into what some might call it's lean years. For the first time in a long time artists like Tyler the Creator and Shabbazz  Palaces who do not wear giant chains are getting more props than those who do.

This may be a premature death notice but it is a trend to watch out for. not every artist is running to their local gold refinery. Kanye West and Jay-Z yesterday released a song off of their upcoming collaboration(it's flashy as heck cover is pictured here) and noted hip hop blog Ego Trip made fun of how "rich" the song was.

What does this mean for all the flashy jewelry you bought to be like your favorite MC? It means now is probably a great time to utilize the services of gold refineries New York. You can get cash just before this stuff stops being cool and while it is still worth a pretty penny.


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