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Aug 18, 2011 8:00 pm

With a few weeks of almost unprecedented growth in the price of gold throughout the global gold market, it is not surprising that some analysts are starting to see this growth as a gold bubble. In our post recession global economy it is very hard to see any consistent and large growth in a commodities market as anything but a bubble waiting to burst and lose profit any moment now.

Some analysts have started touting oil as the new gold noting that oil tends to ignore the fundamental realities of global economies. Word is that investing in oil continues to be far safer than putting one's money in the currently topsy-turvy stock market or in the post debt ceiling questionable United States Treasury. Of course looking for a safe house is one thing. Looking for a way to quickly generate some cash is another. If that is what you are hoping to do the gold market still seems like a safe bet.

If you are hoping to turn over some gold into cash now is still a great time to visit a NYC gold refiner and make the switch. We don't know if and when a bubble will actually pop but at the moment it remains the best time ever to trade in some gold at NYC gold refineries.


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