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Jul 15, 2011 12:24 am

A NYC gold refinery is never going to be out of style. Sure industries ebb and flow. Markets go up and down. The thing about it is gold will always have value. There is nothing anyone can do to truly negate the value of gold full tilt. People have tried and it always ends up coming back down to having gold to back up whatever paper money or credit you theoretically have.

Silver is also always going to have value. The reason precious metals will always be able to assert their value is simple they are rare and desirable. NYC silver refiners are also always there to be able to assign real value to those precious metals you have.

In all it would seem that gold and silver(as well as platinum) are pretty much always the safest investment one can have. Unlike most stocks, even the best ones, these pieces are physically present in your life. They are under your supervision. If a company suddenly goes bankrupt and liquidates their assets you just lost all of your stock investments. That gold is not going anywhere unless you move it. So Invest in gold and if you're feeling the pinch of the economy why not sell some to a NYC gold refinery.


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