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Aug 1, 2011 8:00 pm

Last week I talked about the movie Titanic and how the old Rose must have been senile when she dropped that huge diamond necklace into the ocean. It was quite possibly the worst decision ever made.  But in the land of fantasy and make believe, the Heart of the Ocean wasn't lost forever. A few years later, the diamond necklace made it's way into the hands of a Martian, Ms. Britney Spears to be precise.

In 2000, her video for "Oops!...I Did It Again" made reference to this famous diamond necklace. Spears plays a Martian, well I'm assuming because she's on the red planet, and an astronaut visits the planet and falls smitten for Spears. He offers her a token of his love, the diamond necklace from the movie. He claims he saved it from the depths of the ocean.

Well instead of the diamond being lost at sea, it's lost on a planet that probably doesn't place any value on diamond jewelry. I don't quite understand the logic behind these crazy characters! They need to start selling diamond jewelry instead of tossing it away all the time. Don't give diamonds to a girl you just met. Sell diamonds for cash and then use the money to buy your own private island. It's a much better decision then giving something valuable to Britney Spears.


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