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Sep 14, 2011 5:12 am

When you prep for a gold party, you have to make sure your guests are well taken care of. You want to be able to serve them food that is going to be easy to eat and not be greasy and smudge your gold that you are going to sell! Taking care of the gold before selling is important in keeping its value. So to avoid messy hands and messier gold, there's some finger foods that would be perfect to serve.

Chicken bites can work if you bread them and serve them on toothpicks so people don't have to pick them up with their hands. If you bake the chicken, it will keep it crispy and not as greasy. In fact, any baked finger foods are definitely a good choice to avoid mess.

Baked pita chips are a great thing to nosh on. Add some seasoning before you bake them for a kick and offer dips. Just keep everything neatly on the dining room table!

Fruit can work as finger food too, if all placed on a shish kabob. Pineapple, grapes, kiwis and all kind of melons work really well. All you have to do is slice them up small enough but thick enough to stay on the stick and not slide off.

You'll be all set with your gold party with these non-greasy finger foods!


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