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Aug 30, 2011 2:35 am

The vastness of the universe never ceases to amaze me. I just learned there is a possible planet made entirely out of diamonds. The planet is located 4,000 light years away in the Serpens constellation which is in our own Milky Way galaxy. This dense planet is carbon-based --pressurized carbon is what creates a diamond. Astronomers believe the planet is so dense that lighter elements like hydrogen and helium are not even present, but they do believe it has some oxygen.

Astronomers are also saying that because the planet is so dense, 20 times denser than Jupiter, that the carbon must be crystalline. The planet is most likely the remains of a once massive star that lost its outer layer to the pulsar star the planet orbits. What this planet looks like we unfortunately do not know. We don't have any pictures of it. But it's amazing to think about. Imagine what you could do with an entire planet made of diamonds.

I would love to chip away at the planet and then sell diamonds for cash at Diamond Buyers of America. I think we would all be rich if that were to happen! Until we learn how to get out there and excavate the site, we'll have to settling for selling diamonds we already own.


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