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Sep 7, 2011 8:00 pm

Raiding the jewelry box is becoming a trend in recent months. Most people are astonished by the prices they're getting on their items. Who would guess that the total of what they've been storing in the box for so long could actually be worth a few thousand? If each trinket was worth at least $100 you could easily hit the $1000 mark after selling several. Given the right timing and the right location, these items can generate money that you could use for any number of things.

Gold is being purchased in the market. Investors turn to gold when they do not want to rely on equities and currencies. Because gold is associated with inherent value, and with the price of gold rising, gold buying is actually quite competitive. This means it's really a sellers market. You should go selling gold in NYC where there is a competitive market and people with the resources to pay for it.

NYC gold buyers are encouraging consumers to try their services. Be careful who you sell to because while some may be willing to give you 90% of its value, others will only return 65% of the market value. With the power in your hands be wise with your decisions. Go to accredited locations.


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