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Jan 17, 2012 3:17 am

As always attempting to predict where the gold market is going leads to surprises and miscalculations. This week there has been a new surge in gold prices on the back of new unease for the dollar. As a result gold prices are now hitting their highest price in three weeks. Of course that small window suggests that movement in the gold market is likely to continue to fluctuate somewhat wildly for the period. That said anyone interested in selling gold NYC will do well to get their stuff together and sell this week.

However if you are still trying to not rush and hoping for a bit more in the market you might be safe to sit on your investment for the next week or so. As always those who hope to sell gold NYC are always taking a risk of selling too low or waiting too long and eventually having to sell when prices are dropping. In a way that is the fun of these investments. Minding the market is one of the more engaging ways to handle personal finance. It adds an element of game play to the world of investment and encourages and informs of risk. That's right? The gold market can be fun!


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