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Sep 14, 2011 8:00 pm

Simple fact: Jewelers can get the same items you have to sell at wholesale prices or can make them themselves. They do not need your gold jewelry. However, that does not mean you are stuck with these accessories if you need to cash them in. There are plenty of fantastic selling options available to you.

To sell gold jewelry NYC citizens should gather any receipts they may still have from purchasing their items, along with any appraisals and certifications of authenticity. Once you have these you can either pique interest via private sale, consignment, or gold party. The private sale is a good start because you can generate interest from individuals. Consignment is good if you need a little help selling. In general you can get rates between 30-50% from jewelers. Take a look around for the best rates. As for gold parties, well, you organize it and get security and you wish for the best in selling your items. Pawning items really means hoping someday you will be getting it back after a loan.

Selling gold in NYC really is not too scary. If you have jewelry or other gold items from a designer, or if it maintains popularity you are in luck, however, if not then you could always sell your gold and get cash. It may be melted down by a refinery, though.


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