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Aug 26, 2011 8:42 pm

sell silver coinsGold is already reaching its maximum. At over $1800 an ounce it looks like the gold buble may be about ready to burst. Silver, on the other hand, is looking pretty steady. Which means you can wait and hope for it to bounce higher, or you can get ready to start selling.

Sell silver jewelry, sell silver coins, sell your silver, get rid of it and take the money and run. Go somewhere with the cash, take a weekend and enjoy yourself. Because pretty soon that extra cash is going to be hard to come by. We're in the midst of a global contraction. The optimism from before the recession is mostly dried up as people have begun to realize that the gap between rich and poor isn't easily reconciled; that it's going to be slightly longer than a year until things get back to normal; that there is no more normal, at least not the way we knew it in the '90s.

So go ahead and reward yourself for getting through what has likely been the worst of it. Sell silver and take the money and treat yourself to something nice -- a dinner, a trip, a new pair of shoes, whatever!



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