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Sep 3, 2011 2:07 am

sell silverMy friends may think I'm weird when I talk about investing in silver so I can sell it when the world revolution comes. I'm not crazy, but there is a stirring in the air -- the Arab spring, the continued recession, gold hitting record new highs...I've got a feeling the world is in for big changes over the course of the next year. Not like in a 2012 end of the world kind of way, but like in a major structural reforms kind of way.

So if the Euro collapses and the dollar weakens, I don't want to invest in the markets, I want to invest in something I can hold. And since I can't afford gold, I'll turn to silver. When I sell silver coins and jewelry I have in my house I have a small fortune. If I wait another few months to a year, you can bet the price of silver will have nearly doubled (it may be a hunch, but it's a strong one) and I'll be able to sell my silver and sell silver jewelry to have a nice little nest egg.

You may think I'm crazy now, but heed my words. Within a year, you'll wish you had some extra silver to sell.



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