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Jul 2, 2011 2:54 am

sell silver coinsI have a friend who's really into silver. He checks the price of it every day and he has a few bars of it he's hoarding in case the world ends next year and all the reserve currencies devalue. He's kind of crazy, but he's not the only one. Silver has been heading up in price for a few years now. So even if the world doesn't end soon he'll be able to sell those silver bars and make a pretty penny. Maybe he's not that crazy after all.

If you've been thinking about selling silver jewelry or selling silver flatware, now's a good time. The markets are hot for precious metals so if you want to get into selling sterling silver, don't make any more excuses. You could become, as my friend desires to be, a silver magnate. Collecting silver and other precious metals could become a full time occupation. There are plenty of ways to do it--start scouring stoop sales and visiting antique shops for old silverware, silver plates, and all that stuff. Look for deals on silver that hasn't been repriced according to the current markets and then resell your newly bought silver dollars and earrings at a premium.



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