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Jul 12, 2011 5:06 am

Elizabeth Taylor was undoubtedly the queen of diamonds. The woman had more diamonds than she knew what to do with. But now that this beautiful legend has passed, there is only one thing to do with her diamonds: sell diamonds for cash! (Of course the cash will go to a good cause.) Her exquisite jewelry, clothing, and art is estimated to be worth around $150 million. They are all scheduled to be auctioned off in December over a four day period. Two of those days alone will be just for jewelry.

Ms. Taylor has had some extremely famous diamonds over the years, one being the Taylor-Burton diamond which is a 69.42 carat diamond given to her by her 5th husband Richard Burton. Another beauty is the Krupp diamond which is 33.19 carats and was originally purchased for $305,000. It'll be amazing to see how much these diamonds, along with her other jewelry, go for.

Even if you're not blessed with owning such massive diamonds, you can still sell diamond jewelry at Whether you're holding onto loose diamonds or have pendants or bracelets, they can take a look at your pieces and offer your competitive prices for your diamonds.


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