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Aug 25, 2011 8:14 am

Anybody with gold investment should be pretty happy right now. It's time to sell gold in NYC for a pretty penny... or much more. There are things you should definitely know before you go out on a spree selling all of your gold jewelry and other items. the price of gold has gone up around 20% since the beginning of the year. An ounce is now around $1,700.

At this point many a gold investor is calling up all of her (or his) friends for a gold party. The jewelry and other things are appraised and sold in a lavish setting. But, really, if you're wise you'd do research to ensure you're getting the sweetest deal. You want a deal so sweet it will make your gold teeth ache.That's why you should really look for professional NYC gold buyers.

When you're selling gold, no matter how you're selling gold, remember these things:

  • Understand the scales and how to weigh gold. You can find value based on its Troy ounce.
  • Know the karats of the items you're selling. Make sure it's authentic. Also, separate the jewelry by karats.
  •  Have everything professionally appraised. You'll be happy you did.
  • Only sell to gold buyers with a good record. You do not want to be scammed.
  • Insure everything. There's no reason to risk it.

If you keep all of these things in mind you'll be ready to sell gold like no tomorrow. Enjoy!



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