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Sep 2, 2011 1:41 am

Times are hard. People are realizing now more than ever it is hard to stay afloat paying bills, dealing with mortgages, and supporting children. Some people work two jobs, other people are on welfare. You do just about anything you can to keep yourself going and to sustain a somewhat normal life.

We sometimes forget that we have assets we can sell to help pay off our debt and loans. One of these assets is gold. Gold is worth a lot in this market. It's actually one of the better things you can sell at the moment to get top dollar. That's why selling gold in NYC is so good right now. It's a commodity that you know will have value and you have a lot of power in your decision. Collect your belongings. Any gold jewelery you may have inherited or had purchased a while back when things were looking a little brighter. Now is your time to let go of it.

It's a bit of a hardship having to let go of cherished items but, really, what's most important right now? Food on the table or something your Grandmother bought you for your sixteenth birthday? You can simply go to NYC gold buyers and have your items appraised. That way, you have an idea of their market worth, and overall net worth and can figure out how you want to go about selling each piece.


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