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Oct 13, 2011 2:30 am

Scrap gold is exactly what it sounds like... the leftover scraps you don't want! It's not old jewelry that still looks nice. It's not gold not coins. Scrap gold is comprised of predominantly useless bits and pieces of metal. At least, they're useless in their current form. It is discarded waste material, a metal ready for reprocessing. This can be bent or broken jewelry pieces, gold casting, gold flecks, gold wire, and other damaged goods.

Why have these items take up space if they are of no use to you? You might as well get money out of it. As with any other gold items you may be selling, you will need to check the value. Because of the oddness of the items, you will be best to get a jeweler's scale. you will need to convert from ounces and grams to pennyweights. If you need assistance go to NYC gold buyers for an assessment.

Next, is the actual sale. Yes, selling gold in NYC can be stressful. For scrap gold you can either turn to gold refiners or gold dealers. your best bet is to go through refiners. Make sure you research the places before you send in the gold because you want to get the highest price you can. Either way, though, there is only so much you are going to get for scraps.

Always keep the contact information for the place you sell to so you have it on file for later sales. Good luck!



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