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Dec 20, 2011 7:59 am

Buying and selling gold is a great tradition of the holiday season. From fake chocolate gold coins for children celebrating Hanukkah to the gold-like tinsel scattered around the old Christmas tree, it seems that the holiday rings out with more than cheer. They also ring out with the jangling desire for silver and gold.

Of course, for me the allure of a golden Christmas inevitably leads to gold purchases I have made in the past for a series of ex girlfriends. For the most part I have been able to move on but I cannot help but think of the fate of certain white gold earrings purchased in 2010 or the gold double heart ring purchased in 2007. There was the white gold bracelet that set me back quite a bit in 2004 and the other double heart ring from 2002. Are these items still in these girl's collection of jewelry? Do they still make appearances on dates with other men and special occasions with their families?

Most likely they have gone to NYC gold buyers. Everyone knows if you want to sell gold in NYC there is someone willing to take it off of your ears or fingers. I can only assume that these items have gone that way. It is almost enough to suck the holiday cheer right out of me, until I remember the gold pendant I received in '06. The Christmas shopping sized hole in my budget grew a three sizes smaller that day.


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