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Oct 4, 2011 3:22 am

sell silver coinsIf you really need an extra few hundred dollars in these tough (and becoming increasingly tougher times) search around your home for things you can sell, such as clay pots, iron window screens and other tchotchkes you can rustle up in your backyard or attic or basement. Do you still use your bike? Cut away the old attachments, if you haven't moved it in more than six months, it's time to sell it.

And then look at the stuff that you know is valuable, such as your sterling silver and your old jewelry. When you sell silver jewelry or sell silver coins from that old coin collection you can find yourself quickly adding up cash. $40 here, $85 there, $115 -- those three items are worth nearly $250. I don't know about you, but for me $250 is a sweet little slab of cash.

Take your silver where to sell silver and they will give you large monies in return. After all this is precious metal we're talking about. Then sell your other stuff, old clothes, dressers and all the rest either at a consignment store or flea market or just outside your front door in a garage sale. And with the extra cash do whatever you want -- it's yours!


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