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Sep 17, 2011 6:07 am

Silver is so much more affordable than gold to buy and resell in a few weeks or months. Everyone is kind of tense about the economy and so has weird feelings when I'm sitting on the subway. My friend Chris, who is weird, but totally intelligent, hopped on this silver train a few months back. He bought five ounces and he's waiting for the price to go up so he can sell them and make serious cash, or like fifty or sixty bucks. His silver ounce bars have unexplained mushrooms on them, which contributes to the weirdness of the whole situation.

He once mentioned to me that he wanted to wear one of his silver ounce bars around his neck, but drilling a hole in the silver would mean that the weight would no longer be one pure ounce. So he's kept his silver bars in their plastic wrap.

Selling silver is more feasible if you have it lying around and want to make some extra money. As I write this, silver is worth $39.50 per ounce. That's not bad. In the future, if I were you, I'd check out your spoons and old jewelry. You make the real money when you sell silver jewelry, not buy a few silver bars.


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