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Jul 30, 2011 5:43 am

The U.S. Economy is still looking pretty weak. A dismal growth rate of 1.3% during the second quarter, along with the fact that a resolution still has not been reached regarding the debt ceiling means that things aren't looking great.

At the time this blog post went to press there was no resolution for the debt, which if not resolved by Tuesday, will severely affect the United States' credit rating.

While that could be bad for the economy at large, it could be good for you if you're considering selling silver jewelry, selling silver flatware, or even selling silver coins. The value of silver increases disproportionately to the rising of the stock market, and with the market continuing to dip as I write, silver is on the up and up.

And even if that debt deal is reached, which at this point, with so many divided Republicans and Democrats threatening to move on with their own plan, looks pretty grim, silver is still a safe way to  make some extra cash.

So if you want a quick windfall, all you have to do think about selling your silver. Scrounge around the house, I'm sure you have plenty. That translates into quick cash at a time when that's hard to come by.



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