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Jul 9, 2011 1:41 am

selling silverSilver is totally fashionable, I saw some girl wearing silver shoes while I was on a blind date the other night and commented to my female companion. That's kind of how I always imagined fashion to be in the future.

People wearing blue and green hair and wearing silver dresses and gold pants. How cool would it be to be a silver king, for that to be your epithet, and wear a pure silver crown and have silver rings and a silver sceptre? They'd call me the Silver Baron. I wish. One day, when I'm very wealthy I will bedeck myself in silver and enjoy the resplendent shine of my silver clothing. I'll have so much silver that if I decided to sell silver jewelry I'd be a billionaire and like Scrooge McDuck, swim in a tower of money, although that seems rather unsanitary, unless you can work something out with the mint or the banks to get some freshly cut bills.

Or instead of selling silver, I'd just keep it and swim in it as silver coins. But since I'm not there yet maybe I'll just look out for a pair of those silver shoes. Or a silver t-shirt. Or silver pants.



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