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Jul 28, 2011 5:13 am

Michael Phelps just earned himself yet another gold medal. He has fourteen gold medals solely for the Olympics and countless others for world championships (both gold and silver). I'm starting to wonder where he's finding the room for all of these awards and just how much they're worth. For a 26-year old he has an astonishing track record. It surely won't stop now.

At some point in his life he's going to look at his gigantic showroom and say, "I am just too darn talented. I have no more room for all of this gold." That, my friends, is the day he probably should sell gold NYC style and go to some gold buyer. I bet he can have them consigned and purchased by a super wealthy person for display in their penthouse. Instead, he'll probably submit the best of the best medals to a sports museum or annex and we'll all be disappointed they weren't available for sale or auction.

Such are the worries of the sports champions. For we average folk the concerns pertain mostly to how valuable good old great aunt Millie's gold necklace may be worth. I guess you'll have to settle for that when you visit your NYC gold buyers. That is, unless you train for years to beat Michael Phelps.



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