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Oct 4, 2012 5:25 am

We all know that gold is valuable, and that the economy can affect the price.  But how much can gold really be worth? Here are the top 10 most valuable gold items in the world (from most to least expensive):

The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Blue diamonds are the rarest type of diamond found in the world, and this ring carries a 9-carat blue diamond.  With an 18-karat white gold band, any girl would go crazy over this ring.  But, it costs $16.26 million to own it.

1933 Patek Phillipe’s “Supercomplication” Pocket Watch

“Supercomplication” was designed to beat out James Packard in a timepiece complication race.

The 18-karat gold pocket watch was made for Wall Street banker Henry Graves, Jr., required 5 years to design and build.  It features 24 complications, including a chart of the night sky over New York City.  It was sold in 1999 for $11 million to a private owner.

  1933 Gold Double Eagle Gold Coin

This coin was never officially issued. They were minted, but none were released into circulation because of the changes made to currency laws in the Great Depression. A coin was sold in 2002 for a total cost of $7,590,000. There are still currently 10 coins that were seized by the U.S. Government. The remaining 10 coins, known as the Langbord coins, remain at Fort Knox.

The 1804 Bust Dollar

This coin’s estimated worth is a whopping $7,500,000. It is considered one of the most famous U.S. coins because of its rarity. This coin series dated from 1795 to 1804. Although silver, the 1804 Bust dollars were not actually struck in 1804, but in 1803 and earlier!

1787 Gold Brasher Doubloon

  In 2011, Blanchard and Company Inc. sold this gold coin for $7.4 million. It is known to be the very first gold coin in the United States that had a denomination in dollars.

Rare Edward III

This coin sold for approximately $6.80 million and is only the third known surviving coin of its kind. It was in circulation from December 1343 until July 1344.

The 1822 Half Eagle

The half eagle coin is a five dollar piece, and only three are known to be in existence. The estimated worth of this coin is $5,000,000. The last time a coin like this was auctioned was in October of 1982 from Bowers & Ruddy, and was sold for $687,500. 

The Breguet & Fils Watch

This watch sold in May 2012 by Christie’s for an astounding $4,686,120. It has two movements and is made of 18k gold. This impressive watch was sold to the Breguet museum in 2012. 

The 1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle

This is considered to be one of the most beautiful coins ever struck, and is estimated to be valued at $3,000,000. This coin is considered ultra high relief because it was struck seven times on a metal press in order to fully bring all the details to attention, which brought the surface of the coin to be nearly pure gold!

The 1839 Ten Dollar Proof

With less than five known samples of this ten-dollar proof, the estimated value of this coin sits at $1,000,000. It was promised that this coin would be kept in circulation despite the changing laws with gold content in coins, and was minted in Philadelphia.


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