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Mar 6, 2013 6:20 am

We know you have many options to sell gold in NYC but avoiding shady gold buyers is key to a profitable payout. We want you to sell gold with confidence and have a few tips to help you do just that!

Start with trust, selling your gold to a BBB accredited business will ensure that you are dealing with a gold buyer that cares about his business reputation and can be held accountable!

Best Gold Buyer NYCSelling Gold tip #1

Most NYC and NJ gold buyer have a BBB logo posted on their website but what if they just put it there to mislead you? No one would do that, right.... Well after watching our competitors do it for years it's time you the consumer could know the truth! Simply click on the logo and you should be taken to the BBB website WITH the gold buyer’s accreditation seal and info.

Our 2nd tip to sell gold in NYC is

Check the price of gold before visiting a NYC or NJ Gold Buyer. The price changes daily but it's a click away, visit for current precious metal prices. The price shown is for 24 karat pure gold; however most American scrap gold is only 14 karat pure so that's about 58% of the full price. Remember that any gold buyer will also need to make a profit so be realistic in your expectations.

Shop a few NYC & NJ buyers before selling gold

There are many cash for gold stores and jewelry stores in the NYC and NJ area that buy and sell gold. In fact most jewelry stores have been around much longer and can offer better service than a new neighborhood cash for gold store that has no true experience with jewelry! By shopping around you will be able to sell your gold with confidence for the highest price.

Vital NYC gold buyers tip #3

Never compare prices over the phone, especially if your selling gold in New Jersey or New York area. The most unethical gold buyers will quote you unrealistic prices over the phone and take their chances when you come in. Often times this is the biggest mistake gold sellers make when choosing a place to sell gold. Good trustworthy service is worth more than false promises over the phone. Find a gold buyer with experience to properly evaluate your jewelry upon inspection - not a 1 minute phone call.

Before you sell gold...Review what you have

Ok, sometimes you have no idea and that's fine if you just shop around. However, a gold jewelry bracelet with XoXoXo is going to be melted while Tiffany & Co estate jewelry is worth much more than its weight in gold. Look at your gold jewelry for diamonds, gemstones and famous brands or collectability.

Selling gold tip #4

if your not ready to part with your jewelry just yet it's ok, there's no rush. Gold prices are high and chances are it will stay that way. it won't be fun if you sell something and regret it later . Sometimes it's a good idea to restyle certain gold jewelry items instead of selling gold at the wrong time. You can also get more value sometimes by re-gifting small items that are not worth much in gold but make beautiful jewelry for someone else to enjoy!

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep us in mind when your ready to sell gold in NYC, NJ or through the mail.

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