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Feb 14, 2012 11:03 am

In the past few years millionaire Warren Buffet has seemed more and more willing to get into the political fray. Whether making comments about his versus his secretary's tax rate or discussing the government bailouts that may or may not have saved the economy from going off a cliff a few years ago Buffet is not shy. He has recently begun making statements declaring that over the long term stocks or investments in so called "productive" assets would out perform gold, silver and any other asset that is simply a physical embodiment of  your cash worth.

This is not a terribly controversial statement but what is controversial is that Buffet suggested that over the long term investment in stocks could actually be safer. This runs counter to what NYC gold buyers and even some folks looking to sell gold ny have thought for decades. Of course hedging your bets by selling some of that left over gold to reinvest in stocks might be the actual safest bet of all.

The security of investing in gold has long been one of it's major selling points. The fear that the gold market has become somewhat unruly has lead some very smart people like Buffet to question it's sustainability. At this point though, an investment in gold can still pay out quite handsomely.


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