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Aug 26, 2011 6:55 am

So your throwing a home gold party. Maybe it's your first, maybe it's not, but you want to get the theme down perfectly. You have great goody bags, you have everyone dressing up in gold, and everyone is ready to sell their gold jewelry and make some cas

h. But every good party has to have a good soundtrack! You need some great tunes playing in the background. It'd be even more fun if the songs you play are  gold themed, so here are a few good suggestions:


  • Golddigger by Kanye West (people will definitely give a good laugh at this one!)
  • Goldfinger theme song by Shirley Bassey
  • Goldeneye theme song by Tina Turner (might as well keep with the Bond theme, that guy loved his life of luxury!)
  • Gold Rush by Dragonette
  • Everything I Touch Turns to Gold by Saint Etienne
  • Golden Years by David Bowie
  • Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac
Don't tell your friends that you'll be putting together this playlist, just put it on in the background and see if someone picks up on the ongoing theme. You can even give out an extra goody bag prize to the person who notices first! Have some fun with your home gold parties and make sure the music is awesome!


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